About Us

We are a small online business, based out of Northern California, owned and operated by Shilo Larsen and Kenny Perkins.  Our mission is to make you as excited about our product as we are, by providing you with great quality and competitive pricing.

Wood and chipboard are our passion, and we aim to bring you a fantastic selection of different items you can't find elsewhere.  Since we create our products primarily for the crafters out there, our go-to wood is MDF (medium density fiberboard.)    Its a great craft wood that holds up extremely well to paints, inks and just about any other medium you enjoy creating with !  Although it is a wood product, it is still versatile enough to be used on scrapbook layouts, cards and tags, as well as the mixed media projects that require heavy gels and pastes.  Many of our pieces are great home accent pieces too.  ULD products can be used just about ANYWHERE !  

We also do custom engraved gift items, awards, trophies, wedding items and more !

We have big plans for the future - obviously increasing our already large selection is always at the top of our to-do list.  

We love to see your creations, so please join us on our Facebook page to share your pictures, get sneak-peaks at new products, current challenges, ask a question or just to say hi and let us know what you're up to. 

To see our large (and growing) selection of products, please visit our website.

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  1. St. Louis here . . can no longer pull up your website! I lLOVE your work your pieces are are perfect for my projects, and i can no longer find you???
    Where did you go?? DLT