Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Lovely Easter Shaker Card

Have you seen these fun shaker cards? They are everywhere and so easy to make, especially when you have beautiful laser cuts from Unique Laser Designs

For today's Easter shaker card, I used four different ULD wooden laser cuts:
1. Bunnies (6 pc. set)
2. Easter Eggs (6 pc. set)
3. Butterflies (Sm)
4. Daisy-Chubby (5 pc. set)

Decorate the wooden laser cuts any way you'd like. You could leave them bare, paint them with acrylic paints, or paint and cover them with pretty Easter glitter.

To make the card base, begin with a pink piece of card stock, cut 5 inches square. Then take a piece of black card stock, 4.75 inches square, and the flower patterned piece, cut 4.5 inches square. Adhere the black card stock on to the pink card stock.

To make the insert wreath, take a second shade of pink card stock, and die cut the Grendon Wreath, from Poppystamps. Carefully punch out and set aside. Then center the metal die cut onto your patterned piece, tape down with a little piece of removable tape, and cut out the wreath. Carefully remove the die cut from the pattern.

Carefully insert the pink wreath into the patterned card stock. Use a little removable tape on the back to keep it snuggly in place.

Turn the pattern piece over and adhere a piece of plastic acetate over the back of the wreath. Use as little glue as possible to keep it securely in place. Cut out a square piece of craft foam and adhere it onto the back of the patterned piece of card stock. Apply glue and let it sit for a moment. This photo shows the back side of the patterned piece, the blue removable tape holding the wreath snuggly in place, the acetate piece glued on top, and the black craft foam piece glued into place, with more glue on the top.


On top of the black card stock, add a colorful piece of pattern paper and glue securely in place. Make sure it will not show through the flowery pattern piece that will fit on top. Add your shaker filler to the center of the card. You can use colorful sequins, micro beads, confetti, whatever you choose. When the sequins are in place, carefully adhere the pattern piece 'window" you have created and press in place. Set aside and let dry. Do not be tempted to shake your card until it is completely dry! When it dries, add your beautiful Unique Laser Designs wooden laser cuts. I used a bunny, an Easter egg, a tiny butterfly, and a chubby daisy to make this colorful Easter shaker card!

Thanks for joining us today!

Live your life in color!

Materials List
Unique Laser Designs Bunnies (6 pc. set) W-1008
Unique Laser Designs Easter Eggs (6 pc. set) W-1054
Unique Laser Designs Butterflies (Sm) W-2024
Unique Laser Designs Daisy-Chubby (5 pc. set) W-1157
Pink card stock - 2 shades
Black card stock
Patterned card stock (2 complimentary patterns)
Grendon Wreath die cut, available from Poppystamps
Clear Acetate transparent plastic sheets (available at craft or computer stores)
Shaker filler: sequins, micro beads
acrylic paint (white, blue, yellow & pink)
glitter (white, blue, yellow & pink)
craft glue

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