Thursday, April 10, 2014

Got Wheels? Get a Box!

Today I am showing you another fabulous product by Unique Laser Designs that you may not of seen yet.  Take a look at this puzzle box.   I just love that you can easily connect it together after embellishing each side.  It is so much easier to decorate then working on a solid cube or block.

I decided to paint each side gold.   I plan to distress the edges and I wanted to colors to match the Tim Holtz paper I used. 

Here are the pieces before I got started.
You can piece it all together & paint or take it apart.
I used gold paint to cover each side.
I love the wheels from Tim Holtz.
Waiting for my wheels to secure.. even though I did use a few screws too.
Another favorite embellishment is the hinges from Tim Holtz.

I added a Tin Star & a Door Fixture on two of the sides.

I added one of the ULD mustaches as a layer to the Tim Holtz Ruler.

I love the variety of Gears from ULD. 

the top view.

Gears and wheels.. I added a vintage key and a key from TIm Holtz.

Although the inside is empty and I glued it all shut.. it is really interesting to look at and everyone that sees it has to push it to see if it really moves.. & YES it does.. It is a conversation piece in any room .. and if you Love Unique Laser Designs and Tim Holtz you can now see how well the two go together.  So if you have wheels.. you need to order a box.  The best part is all of the screws went through the wood sides with out any problems.. so those wheels are meant to last.. even though I did add extra adhesive.  I hope you enjoyed seeing another side of Unique Laser Designs.. I love that their is finally a hollow box that makes using all of our embellishments so much easier & fun.