Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Craft Fair Decor

Do you embroider? Do you love embellishing unusual items? Maybe you even have a couple or a lot of items with no specific creative idea of how you will utilize it. Well let's take a look at embroidery hoops, they are not just for embroidering let's take a look.

I created this LO "so to say" to be used as decor for craft fairs I will attend. This is an item that will be easy to display, install and remove, perfect for booth decor.

Here you can see the wood circle pattern I used on my LO. The circle pattern comes in 5X6 rows, which makes it easy to use a little or a lot on your project. Just simply cut (using heavy duty scissors such as Tim Holtz tonic) the desired amount adhere to your project.

These feathers are simply love cut out of wood! Just as the circles used above, I left the feathers unaltered because I love them as they are. The wood alone add so much texture to the project that there's no need in adding mediums. Although adding embossing powder to the feathers is absolutely beautiful.

To display my embroidery hoop I've added burlap twine to the closure.  This makes for easy tying and removal without disturbing my bow.

Products Used:
Unique Laser Designs:
Feathers - W-1072S
Circle Pattern - Custom Request

Other Products:
Variety of Patterned Papers
Light Molding Paste
Helmar Adhesives
Pearl Pins
Lace & Pearls
Florals & Feathers