Saturday, April 12, 2014

Paint Brush Holder

It's Heidi here, back again with a cute little project which is super quick and very inexpensive to create.

I really needed a seperate holder for my paint brushes, so I have used a cleaned Baked Beans tin and covered it with some paper.  The measurement for this tin is 8.2inc in Diameter and 4 inch wide. 

After I cut the paper, I painted the tin using Faber Castle Gel Medium and then placed the paper on top and smooth it over to make sure it was stuck down nicely, if you don't have the Gel Medium you can use Modge Podge as it will work the same.

I then painted the entire tin again with the Gel Medium to protect it and secure it even more,

For the Lady Bugs, I have used some Studio Calico Misty Huey's Red for the body of the Lady Bug and to fill in the holes to show spots I used some black Eyelets and glued them in.  For the head I just used plain black paint and made some little eyes with a white pen.

To put them on the top I just used some twin and wrapped it around the tin to secure them.  Final stage was to put some black Washi Tape at the bottom.  All done for less and a $3.00.  Quite a nice gift to give Teachers to thank them, or even easy enough to do with your children during the holidays.

Happy Scrapping

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  1. SuperDuper "upcycle" crafty!!......ULD gives MANYMANY options for crafting!!