Monday, June 30, 2014

Chimes Time

Hello Everybody!

I am super excited to show you what I made with Unique Laser Designs today.  There are a lot of pictures so get ready!  :)

I made chimes!  Here is a picture of the chimes.  I will show you what I was inspired by and my different "findings" that add an eclectic flair.

It all started with this Deco Frame-Rhonda.  I thought oh this will look great on a scrapbook page.  So I am looking at it and then I change the direction that I am holding.  And then it hits me-This could be the base of chimes.

So first I paint this frame with white acrylic paint.  And then I realize I should paint it black!

While that is drying I go through my scrappy things for "findings"--the fun stuff that will bring this to life.

So I put this aside and get out silver beads and some beading wire.  Alert-I do not make jewelry but I have a few little things from projects and Halloween costumes-that's how I have some of these things.  :)

I start tying knots and then I strung about 21 beads and tied it to the other side of the flower.  I did this all the way around the frame.  This is tedious but I loved the result-so totally worth it! :)

There is movement in these beads which is perfect for chimes.  I used several strands too-it was not one long strand of wire that did all of these scallops.

The next step is to pick what fun things your are going to string onto the chimes.  This was super hard for me.  So many fun little things to choose from!

In this picture you can see the little white beads.  For the string here I used black embroidery floss-with all of the strands.  These beads have big enough holes to fit over the floss.  Then I added bigger beads and a charm.  This idea of tying the floss to the frame first came halfway.  I was doing the strings then tying them on.  The creative process isn't always a streamlined process.  ;)

The next 2 pictures show the strings of the chimes.  I put some bells so there would be a little jingle.  And do you see what I see?  More Unique Laser Designs pieces!  I used the bird cage and the watering can.  

Here is a different angle.  There are different beads and a star paper clip.  For the ULD cut out pieces-I didn't paint those.  There are some wooden beads too.  I like the wood and the metal and the plastic together.  These elements seem to be working together-Yay! :)

Here is another picture of the chimes "hanging up."  I used a dyed seam binding ribbon for the top so that I can hold it but eventually so it can be hung up.

Here is a downward shot of the chimes.  There is that Rhonda Deco Frame that we started with! 

Here are a few more pictures of the chimes.

I love all of the things you can do with Unique Laser Designs!  What will you do with them?  :)

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