Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Stamping with Stars~

Happy July 1st~ 

I love July 4th Home Décor projects, so today's project shows you how to use the ULD stars to create a fun project. I wanted to use the stars in a different way.  So I decided to stamp with them.

I hot glued my stars from ULD to the flat bottom of my colored pencils.  Just dip them in the paints of your choice.. and stamp!  Super Easy.. and FUN~

I am sure you have all seen the famous 3 mason jars painted to look like the flag.. it's all over pinterest, blogs, instagram, etc.. I can't take credit for this project but I really don't know who started it.. I have seen it done tons of times.  Some people made it look picture perfect and some went more rustic and sanded down the edges and distressed the glass.. that's the look I like.

Here is a photo of the products I used.. See the star glued to a pencil.. I love that idea!
Here is my finished set, distressed to impress.

I then used the stars for my drinking glass.  This time I used 3 different color stars.  Once you are done stamping w/ the star you can take it off the pencil and use if for another project.

Done and ready for my lemonade.
I hope my 4th of July projects inspire you to use Unique Laser Designs images in another way.

Have a great day~

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