Thursday, August 28, 2014

Changing Sea-sons

                                              Do Not Throw Away Any Wood Scraps!

Scraps to treasure, I say.  Okay, so I am a scraps hoarder!  Well, paper and wood.  When I receive my orders from ULD, sometimes I have little extra pieces of wood from the item and I save them in one of the zip bags I've received.

Some of the scraps have water shapes, other like above; is the inside of the starfish!  I painted that little inside and dotted with fine line black liner marker.  It looks like a starfish too.

Here is the wood I used:

The "Brick Wall Stencil," one of the word squares that comes with is used, and the star fish is the insert of the star fish.

The seaweed is scraps from orders put together.

My last post, I showed encaustics (hot wax) on wood.  Here is a scrap of wax works that I mounted a few times.  This will serve as the ocean floor with the light of the sun shinning in.

Not as visible in this photo, but I painted the seahorse, added accents with a Gelly Roll pen (added color and blended with finger before it dries), and added dots with a stamp and ink pad.

The bubbles are achieved by using white pigment ink first.  I could of pained with Gesso, but it was easier to just use the ink and then paint over.

Little dashes of white over the orange bubbles make them look more dimensional.

The starfish and seaweed are laid out where I want to put them.  Both are painted, and as I mentioned above, the starfish when finished will have the little black dots.  The fish is painted with a medium orange and darker permanent dye orange ink tapped on top.

Here is a close up of the details.  I also splattered yellow paint lightly around the area.

To finish the art, I used a scrap of Bo Bunny paper.  The hook is added using a bit of glitter Gelly Roll pen to color and an arrow added.  It is painted in 2 shades of green.

I used the word "Joy" from the Brick Wall Stencil.  It is edged in yellow.

In St. Louis, MO., the weather will be warm and humid for a few months, but for most; the seasons are going to change from summer to fall.  There still is time to get out there and do some fishing!

Look at things in a different way.  For scrappers, a photo could be put in to replace the wax background and do the same treatment.  Create mixing and matching your wood pieces.  The octopus or dolphin could be designed in the art instead of he fish.  Your choices are unlimited!!!

Cre8tivelea Yours - Lea


  1. Love the scene that you created! That is so creative with the wood scraps! :)

  2. Great project, Lea !
    In addition to the random odds and ends that may come with your pieces, we have a large offering of "Kennyscrap" on our site. Baggies stuffed with some great and totally unique pieces, for a bargain price !!kennyscrap/c1fz8 You never know what all you'll get ! :D