Sunday, August 3, 2014

Walking on Sunshine wreath

Trying to hang onto the warmth and the sunshine as we move into August.  Just had to do one more summer project before I give into oak leaves and ghosts.  

Today, I'm using these fun suns and cute flip flops from Unique Laser Designs on a straw wreath that I wrapped with bulky blue variegated yarn.

Last month, Kimberly gave us some great ideas for ways to add color to our wood shapes from Unique Laser Designs (if you missed that post, you can see it HERE).  That got me about nail polish?  Shining up these flip flops was my chance since I wanted to color them a bright green and I didn't have the right color in my box of acrylic paints.  Two coats did it--added color and shine all at once.

Then, I used a Copic marker to add the pink around the edge. Lastly I put a heaping ribbon of Tacky Glue on the straps and poured on pink super fine glitter (that took a while to dry).

Onto the suns...

The top sun, I painted with Ranger Distress Crackle in white and then after it dried I rubbed Wild Honey Distress Stain over it---I love, love, love how it turned out.

The swirly sun, I covered in Tacky Glue and then poured super fine yellow gold glitter over.

For the bottom sun, I painted it with a mustard yellow acrylic, then stamped it with Versamark ink using a chevron pattern stamp. Lastly I covered the wet ink with clear embossing powder and heated it up with a heat gun to get that powder to "rise and shine" (sometimes I crack myself up)!

So, I am definitely not ready to say goodbye to summer...we have a whole month of sunny goodness before the "s" word (school) is back in the vocabulary.  What's your August summer project?

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  1. The nail polish really worked well, and I adore the chevron sun - great summery feel. Super cute wreath ! :D