Wednesday, August 6, 2014

New Product Announcement

"I love your designs....but wood is too thick..."      
 "Your embellishments are amazing, but I've never tried using wood..."    
"I'm just not sure I'd know how to use MDF..."
"I couldn't use wood on a card !"

These are some of the comments we frequently hear from people who see our products. 

In an attempt to help solve this conundrum, we chose to work with a group of talented designers, and nearly daily, projects are posted to help inspire you with all sorts of different ways that ULD products can be used...on just about every type of surface and in just about any way you could imagine...projects to show you that MDF isn't something to shy away from, but rather something so embrace !

Change can be scary, the thought of trying new things can seem daunting, stepping out of your comfort zone is overwhelming... an attempt to give everyone the opportunity to have access to our amazing designs, and possibly "test the waters" and maybe try their hand at wood...we've decided to produce our designs in a more well known material that you'll be familiar with
A tiny selection of whats available in chipboard
Due to the nature of some of our designs, not everything will be able to be cut from chipboard, but there is an enormous selection still to choose from.  
As a way to try and slowly show you that you can do the same things (often times with more successful results) by using MDF in your projects...I'll add a little special something to each chipboard order. ;)   I ask that you keep an open mind and use it.  I'm sure you'll soon realize that it is much better than you anticipated it would be !  :) 

Here are a few projects using our MDF products in places some wouldn't consider doing so.
Home Decor Items. Designed by Katy

Banner - Designed by Kisha.
Burlap Canvas.  Designed by Katy
Kids love ULD !  Designed by Samantha
ATC - Designed by Rachelle
Cards !  Designed by Kelly
Mini Album.  Designed by Kimberly
Scrapbook Layout.  Designed by Heidi
Gift Bag.  Designed by Kisha


  1. love the idea.. can't wait.. although I am a fan of the wood.. chipboard is fun too!

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