Sunday, August 10, 2014

Kids at Play!

Today I am sharing some pictures from a recent Kids Scrap Camp I hosted.

It was finally going to be a hot day, so I put a craft table in my back yard.  I set up some paints, wood pencil boxes, and tons of the Unique Laser Design Images that I thought kids would like.

I told the kids to do whatever they wanted with the shapes.  Most of them grabbed the peace signs, unicorns, and bunnies.  I loved their idea of sharing the images by tracing the image on the box first.  Then they were able to all have a peace sign.  Since we were outside the paints dried fast so they were able to add extra layers of colors. 

Adding Layers to her butterfly.

Here is a look at some of the finished pencil boxes. 
They either traced the images from a ULD or
they adhered the image to their box.

Here they traced the peace sign image.

If this group of girls can have this much fun working and playing with the wood embellishments... I am sure you can too!
If you are ever in my neighborhood (Chicago/Milwaukee area) stop by and I will let you play with some wood!

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