Friday, September 19, 2014

A Sparkly Home Sweet Home Halloween

Don't let all of these colorful details scare you away from making this Halloween wreath.  You can make this wreath in about an hour with some yarn, paper rosettes, glue, micro-glitter, and this Halloween wood design from Unique Laser Designs.  First, I wrapped a straw wreath with yarn and then I moved onto the sparkly part of the project.

I covered the whole wood design, "home sweet home", with a piece of scrap paper, but revealed one section at a time.  To that section, I spread on a thin layer of glue and then sprinkled on micro-glitter. Then I moved onto a different section and a different color of glitter.  The flying witch and the bat are purple, the cat and owls are teal, and the "home sweet home" is covered in black micro-glitter (and now so am I).!product/prd1/2697741781/home-sweet-home-(halloween)

 I added some paper rosettes and stars and this wreath is ready for the front door!

Halloween decorations don't have to be scary or creepy...
sometimes they can be cute and SPARKLY!

What's on your front door for Halloween?  
Nothing yet?
Why not start with something from Unique Laser HERE!