Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Good Ol' Spice Rack

Hello Everybody!

Katy here, and I have a fun refurbished project to show you today.

I was wandering around my local thrift store looking for treasures when I looked and saw this:

A spice rack!  And instantly I knew what I wanted to use it for.  No-not spices-but to hold embossing powders and glitters.  Will it hold all of my collection?  I am afraid not-but it sure is a fun start!  (They all live in a shallow plastic container now.)

So for $2.99 I took home my treasure.  And I cleaned it with clorox wipes and when it was dried-I painted a couple of coats of gesso on it.  Then I picked out my wood pieces to liven up this spice rack.

I used the following pieces:

So once I placed my pieces, my biggest obstacle was deciding what the color scheme was going to be.  I love the color green-so that is what color I painted it.  My accents are yellow.  

Here is the finished spice rack.  You could see the word outline "spices" so I took light modeling paste, yellow craft paint, and the sunburst Tim Holtz stencil and stenciled over the middle area.  Also, the yellow paint I used was called sunshine pearl.  The pearl means it had a shine.  After the green paint was dry I mixed the yellow with water to create a glaze over the green paint.  

For the corners I put a little Inka Gold on them.  You can see one of these things is not like the other. ;)

Here are some close ups.  

Here are the daisies with pearls for centers.  (I love these flowers!)  2 of this middle size come in a pack so I used a second pack to get the 3rd flower.

Here's the bottom.


Here's my spice rack all finished with the glitter and embossing powder on it.  :)

Here is the before and after pictures next to each.  :)

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  1. How fun ! You totally brought it back to life !!

  2. That is such a clever idea, would be perfect for all my mists>>>> Thanks for the inspiration Katy