Monday, September 15, 2014

Vintage Keepsake Box

Hello! It's my turn to post today and I have a box that I altered to share. You will have to forgive me because I dug into (again!) my favorite paper stashes.

I had already picked out my Unique Laser Design flourishes and corner shapes for this project. As I was putting the box together, I knew I wanted a vintage feel; then I decided to make it vintage and masculine. I imagined what sorts of things a boy might collect in this box. I just moved that collection to the top of the box.

The patterned papers were trimmed to fit the sides and top of the box. I inked the edges and applied the papers to the box. I sealed the papers with matte soft gel, because I used dye ink; I did not want the ink to come off on fingers as this piece is meant to be handled. I trimmed the flourish laser cuts. I cut Flourish A in half so it could work like a latch. Flourish B's flowers were removed. I painted the latch and corners. The corners were painted black with my eyes shut (on purpose), and I was able to ink the bare spots brown.

Can you spot the last two ULD products? The heart inside of the pocket watch and the small brick with the message "Today" are small ULD pieces that I snuck onto the top of the box.

Box Top
                                           Flourish A                                             Corner H                                                                     

I hope that you have enjoyed this project. Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!

Here are the links to the products that I used.  

Flourish A                                     Flourish B

      Corner H                                   Brick Wall Stencil

 Hearts in Hearts