Monday, September 1, 2014

Creating a LO Using Scraps

Good Morning!! Welcome to a new week and month of inspiration using wood embellishments.
Today, I'm going to show you step by step how I create layouts using solid and pattern paper scraps.  I usually don't throw much away from a paper pad or even single sheets of cardstock.  I even save the tabs from the individual sheets and use those to create texture or layers on cards and layouts.
Below you will see the process of how I created this LO.

First step, I begin laying out various strips of various sizes and shapes onto my cardstock.  Be mindful that the strips don't have to coordinate, as most of it will eventually be covered.

Next add gesso to cover the strips.  You don't necessarily have to completely cover your strips, leave a little of the pattern to show in various spots.

Using a stencil, add a design using molding paste.  This will give texture and dimension.

Next let's add a bit more texture using ripped pieces of drywall tape.

Let the misting begin.  I first sprayed mist through my wooden Diamond Stencil then flipped it over to release the excess mist about the page.  This created a more blurred diamond effect.  

Bring in a more vibrant color mist to start bringing up the layers previously added.

Next I used a clock stencil I have to add yet another layer of goodness to the page.  All of this just creates more and more layers of goodness.

You're almost done, but isn't this fun ^_^
Another stencil you ask, why certainly! I know I previously used a circle stencil, but this one has a bit tighter design of circles.  I love mixing the shapes on a page, I really think this keeps your eyes moving about the page.  Always something new to see.

Using molding paste and acrylic paint to tint the paste which just made me giggle with glee at all of this texture.

Then it's finally time to adhere the wood Diamond Stencil which was previously used as a stencil.  Build a little more layers, adhere your photo and there you have it.

I decided to add the wood stencil in various sections of the LO.  I do not believe in tucking away goodness on any project, so I cut the stencil into pieces to place about the LO.

Add more shimmer mist and colors to your wood embellishment, that agree with your LO and you're done.
Thanks for stopping by to take a peek!


  1. This piece is special to me. Kisha was kind enough to create this LO using a photo of Kenny and his daughter, Karolina, on a recent trip up to Fallen Leaf Lake (near Lake Tahoe, California.) While the pictures show its beauty, I can tell you that they do her work no justice ! It is amazing in person !!!

    Thank you, Kisha, for creating such a beautiful piece that we will cherish for years to come ! :)

  2. You both are so very welcome. It was my total pleasure creating with your pictures.

  3. Wow! Thank you for showing how you build up a page! I love your work! This page is gorgeous! :)