Thursday, October 9, 2014

Happy Halloween!

Hello Unique Laser Designs Friends!

Katy here and today I am going to share with you a fun Halloween project!  This project is made using Unique Laser Designs wood pieces, paint, gesso, and some stamps.  Are you ready? ;)

These are the pieces that I used in my project: 

So if where did those candy corns come from that the skeleton is throwing up into the air?  The medium sized pumpkins eyes and nose!  I put a coat of gesso on them and then colored them with orange and yellow Copic markers.

For the skeleton I used white Distress Crackle Paint.  I applied it directly on him because a little would seeps out of those cracks, and he is instantly distressed! :)

I painted the ATC's, 2 small pumpkins, Happy Halloween, and the spider web using Distress Paints.

Here are the colors:

For the background I glued together the 4 ATC's edge to edge.  I used Gloss gel medium (Liquitex is the brand I am using).  I have found that this really a great adhesive and doesn't smell bad and dangerous.   

I applied gesso to the background.  Once dried I painted it with seedless preserves-twice with the dabber.  Then I added another coat using a paint brush.  While it was still wet I spritzed it with water because this paint reacts to water.  In the next picture you can see the droplets.

Around the edges I applied crushed olive.  I didn't like how the olive looked-so applied another coat.  And I still didn't like it.  (And panic started to creep up.)  

Then I dabbed ripe persimmon around the edges.  I wanted some crushed olive to be seen so I didn't cover it up completely.  I stamped it with a background stamp from Great Impressions and a stamp from Stampin' Up.  (I started to panic a little more because that ripe persimmon was a bit brighter than I wanted to go.)

So black is always a go-to color-especially at Halloween.  And it totally saved me here.  I dabbed black around the edges-while not covering up the other two colors.  And it's perfect!  Whew!  I also took some black paint and water and flicked dots on the background with a paint brush.

Here is a close up of the little pumpkins and sentiment.  For one pumpkin I took out the eyes, nose, and mouth.  For the other I just painted them black.

Do you have paint?  Then you can totally do this project!  And glue-you need glue too. ;)  

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  1. This is so cute, and you make it look pretty easy to do (although I wonder if mine would look even half as good as yours. lol)

  2. Awesome project! I love Halloween, and would love to make this to have sitting around during the season!

  3. Great job on this project Katy! Love how you "fixed" stuff you didn't like. I used to get worried about that kind of thing too but most things are easy to fix or cover up! Love how you used the eyes and nose for candy corn! Very cool!

  4. Great project Katy! Awesome eye for detail when using the eyes and nose as candy corn.