Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Shoes Are Boring: Embellishing Art

As an artist who grew up on color, collage and paint; adding embellishments was a way to further enhance my designs.  I like to add dimension and texture other than just paper type layering.

Instruments - mini

Love - Wacky Font

Musical Notes - Both Large and Small

Here is the original collage.  Paints, newsprint, magazine words, images, and rubber stamps (both stamped directly to the frame, also stamped, cutout, and collaged).  Over painting and stamping as well.

Sometimes when I create art it is whimsical.  Many times to show colors I like.  Most often, a theme, expression, or feeling I have!

This came about one day visiting my daughter when she lived in an apartment.  There was a shoe rack filled with all sorts of athletic shoes of her husband.  He plays a mean guitar as well.  Fusing all this together, I came up with this collage.  I had found the words: Shoes are boring, wear sneakers, and I was in heaven.

I was also proud that I had some of my designs made into stamps for Viva Las Vegastamps, and the shoe was one of them.

So - I wanted to make this collage POP even more, and found my ULD cuts were just perfect!!!

I adore this electric guitar!!!  I need a ton of them!  I wasn't sure how a real guitar looked, didn't bring my computer to my studio, so I winged it!  The strings and plate are done with gel pens - sort of metallic.

I did a quick sketch of what I thought I wanted the guitar to look like.  I knew it had a plate and knobs for various sounds.

A ProMarker gave the guitar that nice stain.  As I worked on the rest of the guitar, I did add the white back plate.  I felt something was missing.  The white back plate was just the touch!

The added notes and the word "love" were strategically placed to add more meaning to the whole collage theme.  One way - music, which I love.  Pointing at the musical notes.  Also my bonus son loves his sneakers it seems as much as his guitar!!!

(Side note:  One day I was visiting and my bonus son was playing a rift.  I go, "Is that Alice in Chains?"  He said yes, and told me a story about getting to hang with the band!  This happened when my daughter was engaged to him.  I knew right there that he was a total part of our family - we love music.  For me, without art and music, I would not exist.)

So now I am waiting for the perfect photo to put in that frame.  Maybe my bonus son playing his guitar, maybe from a concert that my daughter and son had gone to.  I don't know?  When I see, it; it will finish this art!

Remember a couple post ago where I did many different techniques to leaves??  Here is a fall home decor project I did using one of the leaves.  Discount stores like Marshall's have grape vine and other decorative balls in a package.  You are suppose to add them to a bowl to make your room look festive.

Take one of the balls, glue in a couple seasonal picks, add the leave, and Viola', instant decor piece!

This is the entrance table in my foyer.  I always decorate for fall, Halloween, and Christmas.

The leave done in greens with the Prills (see other post) will wait till spring as it would look perfect with blooming flowers.

Have a festive fall!

Cre8tivelea yours - Lea


  1. Lea, saw this COOL creation on Google plus and had to see more! Love it! Awesome project!! Thumbs up to "Alice in Chains" too!

  2. Thanks. Love music of all types that resonate with me. I adore I can get a guitar and notes to express it.

  3. Great project! It's so colorful and fun!