Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Personalized just for my door

With all the wreaths I have made, one would think I live in a house with 1000 doors.  The truth is, I only have 2.  But, I like to re-arrange and update and refresh and change my door decorations a LOT!

This berry wreath has been around my house for awhile, so I though it was time it got a makeover.  I used a large (5") letter "S"  for Starsky and small (1") numbers for our address and an oak leaf (from the 5 piece leaf set) all from Unique Laser Designs. Twinkling H20s are my new favorite watercolor and they added a sparkling shimmer to the oak leaf and to the numbers.

For the "S", I used Distress Stains, creating overlapping stripes along the grain of the wood and then I added some random criss-cross swipes with more Twinkling H20s.

I added that oak leaf with a removable adhesive so I can replace it with different shapes depending on the season.  I'm thinking an ornament for Christmas, a heart for Valentines Day, a bunny for Easter, a flower for spring.  Looks like I have some more creating to do!  Thankfully, Unique Laser Designs has a shape for every need and for every holiday!