Friday, July 25, 2014

Complete a project with just one ULD!

Are you ever working on a project and say I only need one more embellishment to finish this off?  Why not finish it off with just one Unique Laser Designs wood embellishment?

Here are a few tags I made where I only used one ULD.  Remember you can paint, distress, stamp, emboss, cover w/ paper, etc.. so many options for finishing off your wood embellishments. 

Stop by the Unique laser Designs website to see a variety of shapes you might want.

mini dragon-fly painted

mini "Dream" left blank

Love the feathers, covered in rock candy, distress ink,
paints, and glitter!

mini heart colored blue

Painted mini red heart.

Chunky glitter gold over a pink heart.

Mini "Inspire" left blank.

Thank for looking at my tags.. Hopefully next time you need one more embellishment, you reach for your wood


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