Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Forest Fairy Wonderland

Lea, here; a new design team member!  Today I want to share a layout using :

                                                            Young Fairy:  Pixie
                                                            Leaves:  Small

Soft painting and collage gives this scene a magical look.  Bo Bunny paper was used, cutting parts to collage for further expression and feeling of the theme.

The paper was enhanced with painting - watercolor to the tree, and acrylic pattern in the background.

 First, I placed pieces for layout and collage to get a sense of how I want my art to look.  I decided not to use the top paper strip.  I had painted the tree and accented the background with liquid acrylic paint.

I just ADORE ULD WOOD!  I know many people comment on the smell, which I love too.  The wood is premium, no sanding needed, and the texture/coloring is beautiful.

Dry brushing a small amount of Gesso (base coat used to save money on expensive paints) on areas. I am using liquid acrylic paints.  I do not want much of the texture and want the colors to be true so the Gesso helps.  I left the skin natural to keep the texture.

A light touch painting the little fairy, almost transparent but not quite.  Simple shading and a tiny bit of dry brushing with white.  I usually do not use black for shading and in some art, I do use a little white as an extra pop of highlighting.

On the close up of the face, you can see the simple shading and the white added for highlights.  Glitter added on wings.

Here the leaf is painted in a darker green and yellow is used as a highlight.  Layering shades is simple yet effective.

Word "Inspire" is cut on an electronic cutting machine.

I am really excited to be a part of this talented team!!!

Cre8tiveLea Yours -

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