Tuesday, November 11, 2014

All That Shimmers for the Holidays

Starting my Christmas gifts and ornaments with my ULD cuts I adore!  I especially love holly and nature scenes for the holiday and winter.  This is the photo with a white background (more info below).
Note:  Each ornament comes with a ribbon for hanging.

Here is the image on a black background.

The ornament technique uses mica powders!  They have been around a long long time.  I started using them in the 90's.  Colors and types have evolved over the years to the advantage of us artists who love them!

Pearl Ex is the first type I started using, then Powdered Pearls (which I adored) - but they went out of business.  Primary Elements are the ones I use the most  for their color family but I do mix up the Powdered Pearls a lot, especially the interference colors.  I think Ranger's powders are Perfect Pigments and they have binders in them already, and USAQ has an off-shoot of the Pearl Ex with their own mixed mica powders as well.  Choose what you like, they pretty much all work the same.

Above is the holly ornament and here are my supplies.  There are many techniques for working with mica powder.  This gives a sort of adhesive-fast way to work so you do not have to spray finish your art.

I recommend Tsukineko Brilliance and Versa Color pigment inks.  Rich pigments and juicy.  The Dew Drops smaller pads work well to get into small places.

Tap the color pigment ink you want as a base color for the area you choose, ie:  holly leaves.  I chose the lighter green color.

Using a small, soft brush ( I use watercolor for fine details, and a mop brush for big areas - or you can use a make up brush), dip brush into powder and tap onto lid.  A little powder goes a long way.  Brush colors on like you are painting, noticing where highlights and shadows go.

Here is an interference color.  It looks white but when you brush it over the surface and tilt in light, you see shimmers of blue, green, red, or in this case; silver.

the colors blend seamlessly!  You have all ranges of shimmer going on!  The camera doesn't show it, but if you could see the beautiful range of colors shining through.  I even added copper from the ornament ring for added compliments and shading.    The interference color adds the the highlight needed on the berries.

Another close up.  You can see the tiny flecks of mica (it is actually a rock with shimmery properties)!

Once you brush on the powders, they stick to the creamy surface of the pigment inks.  Any little bit of mica powder that comes off is just excess.  The integrity of the art will stay intact.

I am starting to really get into the spirit of the holidays!!  I am thankful for being able to create and give my art to friends and family!  It is such a joy.

On the 19th, I have another technique with mica powders, one that you might not have thought of !!!!

Cre8tivelea yours, Lea

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  1. Nice job Lea! I love the Perfect Pearls mica powders as well as the Tsukineko Dew Drops/Brilliance ink pads. You're right about the powders going a long way. I like to dampen a paint brush with a little water and dip it in the Perfect Pearls. It really makes it shimmer when applying to your project.