Monday, November 17, 2014

Winter Getting You Down? Shake It Off!

Brrrrr!  Hello everyone, it's Renee from Scrap Owl back with today's creation inspiration!

The snow is starting to stick on the ground and I'm none too happy about it. See, even living in northern Illinois I can admit that winter is not something I look forward to.  Yes, we have snowmobiling, and sled mountains, and ice skating, but we also have cold.  Bone chilling cold. Why can't we have all the fun and none of the cold?  Well, my project today, I did just that!

Snow Globe Shaker Card

I created my snow globe shaker card using the the Snow Globe - Bell die cut.  This particular die cut was made from chipboard, but it is also available in the medium density fiberboard (MDF).  I used a tip that I gleaned from Kisha Walton during our Scrap Owl Podcast interview where she told me that you can stretch your Unique Laser Design pieces by cutting them up.  It got me thinking.... "do you wan to build a snow globe?"

By cutting out the bell inside the globe, I now have two pieces that I can use for my cards or layouts.  Additionally, it opened up space to make a shaker card!  If you haven't seen these yet, they are extremely popular right now.  I actually had the chance to talk with Paulina Nakamura from Pretty Pink Posh who, some say, is the mother of the shaker card movement.

I primed the snow globe with some white paint for the globe part and some black paint for the base.  I then went back and added a coat of Imagine Crafts Clear Creative Medium for shine.  On the bottom, I only applied the medium, but on the top I mixed in some subtle sparkle.

To make this shaker card, I stamped a sentiment on top of a piece of vellum and attached that to the underside of the chipboard snow globe.  Then I applied foam tape to the back of the chipboard to make the snow globe pop off the page a bit.  This step is crucial for a shaker card.  You need to give the sequins enough space to wiggle and jiggle.

For this card I used Paulina's Marshmallow sequins.  They have just the right amount of shine to mimic snow.  I flattened them into a small group and then attached the snow globe right on top of them.

For the base of the card, I used the a-side of Merry Christmas from Moxxie's Happy Pawlidays collection. I also stamped some small snowflakes around the snow globe and embossed them with a pearl shine.

I simply love the way this card came out and hope you do, too!  Also, I'm looking forward to sharing with you what I do with the bell that originally came with the snow globe!!  Stay tuned!!

Stay Scrappy My Friends,


  1. Very pretty! Love the colors!!

  2. Such a cool idea! So are the sequins between two layers of vellum? If not, how do they keep from falling out when you stand the card up since there is foam tape under the globe?

  3. Hi Elizabeth! The entire back of the circle part of the snow globe is covered with foam tape. If you are interested in making a shaker card, Paulina has a great tutorial at It's really easy once you have done it once or twice. We even incorporated it into a layout on my blog (