Thursday, May 15, 2014

Storage Ideas for our ULD embellishments.

Today the designers are sharing a few of their storage ideas for their growing collection of Unique Laser Design Wood Embellishments. 

I am still looking for a better solution for storing my collection.  Originally I kept them in their original bags and then put them in a cute suitcase.. well that didn't work out so much.  I hated that I couldn't see them and I had to go digging.  This is my current solution.   It is a Kitchen caddy of some sort.  It has 4 compartments, 2 long & 2 small.  I like that I can see and find what I need.  Plus it matches and looks good in my craft room.

Here are few of the storage solutions the other designers are currently using.
Heidi's Solution

Jamie's container

Katy's Storage Container

Kelly's drawers

Maya's Assortment of Containers

Michelle's storage container

Rachelle's Storage

The Queen of Storage award goes to Shilo.. Look at all of these drawers..

This is where they hang, until they sell.  Wow.. this looks amazing. 
This is Shilo's other storage area.  Of course she is the owner of ULD
so she really needs to be organized. 

 How do you store your wood embellishments?  Please share your ideas with us.  Or let us help grow your collection, check out our amazing collection on the website. 


  1. OH MY bad.....I did not come up with anything....My BFF is coming over tomorrow to help me organize.....I will add my linky-do to the post....Awesome inspirations!!

  2. Fantastic organizing. Love the various ways to keep my ULD products. Thanks!!!!